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Pratley Electrical

NEW larger No. 2 Bottom Entry Boxes

The Pratley Bottom Entry Junction Box (Both Standard version and the Ex e version) are now also available in a larger size 2. The box comes standard with 3 x threaded entries. It is supplied complete with spacers and terminal rail (Nº 1 Box supplied with cranked terminal rail and Nº 2 box with N35 terminal rail). Box must be fitted with Pratley Ex e Kwikbloks for Ex e applications. Pratley Non-sparking End Connectors may be used for Ex n applications. When ordering specify Black or Transparent (Polycarbonate) see through lid.  ...readmore

New 10 Entry Enviro Box from Pratley

Sporting no less than 10 x 20mm cable entries, Pratley’s brand new Rectangular Enviro Box with a hinged lid is a contractor’s delight. Ultra-versatile, ever so easy to install and being rectangular, the box can be used to terminate anything from multiple telephone cables to control circuits and power cables.