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No ordinary gland

The Tufflon compression gland can also be adapted for use with flat twin and earth cables by simply replacing the standard compression bush supplied with a special adaptor bush, Pratley Marketing Director Eldon Kruger explains.

The cable gland is SABS-approved, and complies with SANS 60529 for an IP68 rating. The Pratley Tufflon compression gland is tough and chemical-resistant, making it tolerant of harsh and rugged operating environments.

These non-metallic compression cable glands are manufactured especially from tough engineering plastic, and therefore are not to be confused with ordinary PVC cable glands that can also be prone to ‘thread jumping’, Eldon points out. The Tufflon compression glands form part of Pratley Electrical’s extensive electrical cable gland and junction box range for both normal and hazardous locations. They are available in various sizes in black, grey, or white.

The manufacturer also features a highly-equipped customer training centre, consisting of a modern lecture room and a 300 m2 practical workshop. The facility provides free cable-gland training to advance the practical and theoretical knowledge of learners, electrical artisans, and engineers. The course highlights the importance of correct cable termination and electrical product selection.

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